Saturday, December 8, 2007

By jingo!

The main reason I've been quiet the last few days was to urge you to ruminate upon my previous post.

That said, with my down time, I've been looking at old high school yearbooks. Not mine, mind you - just whatever old yearbooks people have put on the Web. They're much more interesting - and the older they get, the more interesting they are. Go ahead, just punch a year and "yearbook" into Google and see what you get. (The portal at is a little clumsy, but also worth a look.)

Aren't you just fascinated by the knowledge that Julia "Dutch" Laney's most used expression was "The big nut"? Or that Stan Roberts had his best time in pharmacy school when "the class attended Schlitz Brewery in a body and finished up at the Egg house"? And I think it's slightly amusing that a guy named Harold Hill proclaimed himself to be the "biggest grafter."

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