Friday, July 24, 2009

Sliming nostalgia

Les Lye, who played every adult character on "You Can't Do That On Television," died Tuesday in Ottawa. (Which is a sensible alternative to living in Ottawa. RIM SHOT!)

This is the time when a lot of my readers will think to themselves, "Man, 'You Can't Do That On Television' was awesome!" Those readers are advised not to watch any clips of the show on Youtube if they want their memories to remain fond.

I clearly remember one female cast member being the frequent butt of fat jokes. That's fine and dandy in grown-up shows with grown-up casts: after all, once you turn 18, you should be aware that the world is full of people who will say mean things about you for their own amusement, whether you deserve them or not. However, a different standard applies to preteens*. Especially if the show's writers were adults. Perhaps the show was in worse taste than it intended to be.

*Every time I write "preteens" I get an excuse to link to "Pre-Teen World," from a much funnier Canadian sketch comedy show.

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