Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Playing doctor" is less fun with psychologists

It's been quite some time since I appointed a new TV Girlfriend. Probably because I haven't had cable and haven't watched much TV in the last year or so. But I have been able to keep up with some shows on Hulu, and that's where I met my most recent TV Girlfriend.

Say hello to Dr. Elizabeth Moore, a staff psychologist at the Hartford Hospital's Anxiety Disorders Center. She's been making appearances on "Hoarders," and I was won over by her elfin good looks and her PhD. I also wouldn't feel the need to clean up my apartment before she came over for a date.

Now, I think she'd look better with longer hair, but I can understand why you'd want to keep your hair short if you spent a lot of time wandering through houses full of feral cats.


Lucy said...

I watch Hoarders too and have seen this woman on there... I liked her too (she's very professional!) It's good too because some of the other psychologists on there drive me bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also have the hots for this sexy doctor. I found your site while googling for here. So, what else can I say. High five!