Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get your motor runnin'

What is it about motorcycles that makes people want to make a whole bunch of movies about them? And what is it that makes the motorcycle mystique completely disappear on camera, leaving the actors looking like total dinks and the film utter crap?

I present to you three examples. Example #1 is "Knightriders," a 1981 film directed by George Romero (!) in which schmucks at a Renaissance fair joust on motorcycles. Note: The following clip contains a shirtless Ed Harris.

Example #2 is from "Megaforce," which starred Edward Mulhare (who was in the TV show "Knight Rider," so we've come full circle already). Remember, these bikes are supposed to be the latest in advanced weaponry.

Example #3 is from "Warrior of the Lost World." You can tell that this bike is high-tech because it has its own screen saver.

In fact, just about the only good motorcycle scene I can think of is the desert chase from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Am I missing any?

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Lindsey Lou said...

A SHIRTLESS ED HARRIS!!! I must get off school computers immediately so I can watch the YouTube clip! (These school computers have a pesky tendency to lack certain "plug-ins.")