Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's the final votedown!

A lot of people think that Alaska governor Sarah Palin is the best-looking governor in America. But she'll be facing a challenge next year, when Duke professor Michael Munger carries the Libertarian standard for North Carolina's governor.

I will donate fifty dollars to Professor Munger's campaign if he pledges to sing "Sister Christian" at his inauguration.

EDIT: Or if he pledges to rename the governor's mansion to "Castle Greyskull."


Chip Wood said...

Actually I believe "You can still Rock in America" would be a more appropriate song!

Lindsey Lou said...

He is not good looking. Sarah wins.

Mungowitz said...

By way of explanation:

1. My wife had cancer. Five operations, pretty ugly.

2. We spent a lot of time around women with no hair, from the effects of chemotherapy.

3. I resolved to grow out my hair, and donate it (I have always had short hair, and prefer it short). The donation will be to "Locks of Love," an organization that collects hair and makes wigs for children that have permanently lost hair follicles because of disease or chemo.

4. When my hair is long enough (another month or so!), I will get it all cut off. And I will post a new picture, one that appears more serious, and one that is more in keeping with how I "actually" look.

5. Lindsey is, of course, correct. I'm not good looking. So there is really no contest. Congrats to Sarah, then.

Mike Munger
Chair, Political Science
Duke University

Salieri said...

In that case, rock on.