Saturday, June 6, 2009

You never listen!

On the other hand, maybe fun isn't what you're looking for on your computer. Maybe awkwardness is more your thing. In that case, I've got stuff for you, too.

For one, check out Facade, which takes ELIZA technology in the opposite direction. In ELIZA, a computerized psychologist tried to help you. In Facade, you're a guest at Trip and Grace's place during a very uncomfortable marital spat. If you enjoyed watching Jan and Michael's dinner party on "The Office," this is going to be right up your alley. (Or if you're a bastard who likes to throw gasoline on the fire.)

For two, visit the Australian National University's Moodgym, the interactive cognitive behavioral therapist. I don't know much about CBT, and from what I've seen in the program, there are some elements which I think are wrong (it's supposed to get you to stop using "biased interpretations" of events, but aren't all interpretations biased?) but you can't beat the price, and if even one of you starts to improve your life because of something I linked, my blog will be more important than 94% of all other blogs in the universe.

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