Friday, May 4, 2007

Nothin' lasts forever

I envy the guy who got to dive through the wedding cake in the "November Rain" video (it's at the seven minute mark).

I mean, you can't hear it in the song, but I bet when the director said "Action!" the guy was totally screaming and going "AAAAAAAAAAUGHGHGHGH!!!" and everybody offstage was going "Aim for the middle tier! The middle tier!" and then he just rolled into it with his shoulder and then he was lying there with icing all over the front of his suit and the upper tiers of the cake falling on his ass and he probably got some icing on his face too.

I wonder how many takes they did. Maybe he tried a different method of toppling the cake each time. For the first take, he dove in head-first; for the second he cartwheeled into it; for the third he just picked up the cake and threw it, etc.

So basically what this means is that if you invite me to your wedding you should post a guard in front of the cake in case I get a crazy idea in my head to try and tackle it. (But really, that's about the best thing you can do with a wedding cake, because there's some kind of tradition where wedding cakes aren't supposed to be tasty.)

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