Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tour #2

Despite popular demand, I went on a second photo tour of Moscow this afternoon, and results are now at my Flickr page. New features this time:

1. I figured out how to get Flickr to display the photos in the right order - I have to post them in reverse. Just click the first one and start hitting the right arrow.
2. I have painstakingly placed each photo on a map of Moscow. Just click the "Map" button under the photo.
3. Photos are still scaled down to preserve bandwidth, but they're now available at full, desktop-quality resolution upon request. I think a couple of them are good enough to make fine desktop images.

Featured in this update: houses, children, animals, graves.

I'll be visiting Pullman twice in the next couple of weeks, so expect a WSU photo tour sometime soon.

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