Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Frontier Photography

I'm finally in the UAA apartment, which means I finally got a chance to upload all my pictures.

Check out my shots of Anchorage, and some bonus photos of a drive across Washington, at my Flickr page.

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Zachary said...

These pictures are awesome. Sorry for the belated "prayer" I very much enjoy seeing the walking tours and would love to see as many as possible. When I was in Alaska I managed to see a grizzly mauing on some shrubs from inside a bus but not in person like your black bear. I never saw a moose though.

As for the sticker shock, buy some mayonnaise or salad dressing. I found it to actually be cheaper in Alaska. Also, I find that most bread around Iowa costs around 2 bucks unless you are at Aldi. I was surprised because most bread where I used to live was 1 buck.

I have a hopefully not too snooty photography tip: If you are using a standard zoom lens consumer digital camera , zoom all the way out and then zoom in just a smidge when taking pictures of rectangular objects. They won't show up warped because when zoomed all the way out your zoom is technically a "wide angle" and so it will warp images on the outside edges. Buy zooming in just a little you step out of wide-angle mode and in to standard lens. An example would be this one