Thursday, October 1, 2009

Posted for posterity

Some of the rollergirls* have been bugging me about being one of the few non-inked league members. Those of you reading this blog certainly know that I kneel at the altar of the status quo, and that the money for a tattoo could probably be spent better on other things, like, say, a table or a bed frame.

Nevertheless, I will bow to peer pressure, conditionally:

If the Iowa Hawkeyes beat the The Ohio State University Buckeyes on November 14, I will get a tattoo. The design of said tattoo will be determined if it becomes necessary to do so.

*Speaking of rollergirls, Roger Ebert gives "Whip It" three and a half stars. If you're in the Treasure Valley, you can catch a showing with some of our local rollergirls tomorrow at 7pm at Edwards Theater on Overland in Boise or near the decaying remains of Karcher Mall in Nampa.


Anonymous said...

You should qualify your statement that if Iowa is undefeated going into the OSU game and wins that game, then you will get the tattoo. What if they blow the next five but win that game, that will make them 6-5.

David M. Moore

Salieri said...

If they blow the next five but beat OSU at the Horseshoe, I'll be content to get the tattoo.