Monday, September 1, 2008

The product of a bad night's sleep

At about one o'clock yesterday morning I decided I was a country-western songwriter.

I initially decided to write a country-western song consisting entirely of words you could use to construct your own, better country-western song ("Texas whiskey bible / Cheatin' Chevy train") but I changed my mind and wrote this instead. I'm not sure it's really an improvement, but I feel obligated to share it with you.

Now General Lee surrendered
Back in '65
But I won't quit a-fightin'
Not while I'm alive

Momma, she done told me
"Son, you set this country free
And carry the torch of freedom
From sea to shinin' sea"

Wore my blue coat on my back as I
Walked into Atlanta town
So look out, Peachtree Center
I'm a-gonna' burn ya down

Fix bayonets in Jackson
For a march to New Orleans
Lord, the blood of dyin' rebels
Gonna wash all o' Dixie clean

John Brown's voice is callin'
It's a-callin' from the grave
"Bring down the retribution
For the sin of ownin' slaves"

And though the world is changin'
And eight score years have passed
Their crimes can't be forgiven
'Till the South done breathed its last

From Richmond to El Paso
And "neutral" Kentucky too
What Romans did to Carthage
I'm gonna do to you

Note: I don't hate Southerners, some of my best friends are Southerners.

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