Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More hits from the Mayor's Hotline


"Fireworks which have been a part of fireworks and social activity since ancient Asia, let alone here in this country for decades and decades into the last century. It’s not going to work. It’s just people being in control of other people. I understand because I study politics at Boise State. I have triple emphasis in the political science department there."

Fire truck give you a heart attack? Call the Law Offices of Craig Swapp.

"Mr. X called the office today to express his deep concern for the stress and nervousness that occurs when a fire truck is right behind you at an intersection with its sirens on and you are not in a position to move and get out of the way for them. He felt that is was very dangerous for seniors, like him, who may become so stressed that they may suffer from a heart attack or worse during those moments. He assured me he was fine and was strong enough to get through one of those moments but was concerned for others."

When ice rink employees go bad:

"I was at the Gowen Texaco Friday night, the 10th of November at about 12:30am getting gas. What appeared to be 2 zambonis, I’m assuming from Idaho Ice World, were coming down the road. They came into the parking lot and went through the drive through at Burger King. I’m very concerned as a taxpayer this is a huge misuse
of tax money."

The people prosper under the loving care of the fatherly leader.

"My comment is that Mayor Bieter, I would like to see you canonized right along with Mother Teresa. I just think you and your staff are doing such a terrific job. I noticed that during the holiday season how often you are the topic of conversation and the conversations always lack such good will and concern and compassion and fairness in this community. I just want to see that I think you are exemplary politician and what a stunning job you do to make this world a better place."

The City of Boise has a non-domestication policy.

"Where is the justice in this state? I’ve lived in this state my whole life and I’ve never seen a state like this. Everything goes to the women; all we ever hear on TV is domestic violence against women. What about men? I feel like I got domesticated against. This state is so screwed up and we brag about how good this state is, well it ain’t that good of a state."

The Mohammedans don't go 'round wavin' bells at us! We don't get Buddhists playin' bagpipes in our bathroom, or Hindus harmonizin' in the hall! The Shintoists don't go shatterin' sheepglass in the shithouse and shoutin' shlogans...

"My problem is that the Boise Depot bells are off. At midnight it rings 8 times; at 4:00 a.m. it rings 12 times, and at 9:00 it rings 5 times. Anyway, this is disrupting my sleep; it’s been going on for at lest three days, and I would like to have somebody do something about it. Thank you."

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