Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stand back, this could be dangerous!

Yesterday a friend of mine said he'd been rummaging around my Facebook photo page and found the picture of The Atomic Attorney.

He wanted to know the backstory. I confessed that I hadn't thought of one. I hadn't really intended the character to be anything more than a stylized representation of me. But, at his request, I've come up with one.

The Atomic Attorney is F. Lee Sokolove, formerly an employment attorney for the U.S. Department of Energy. He was assigned to defend a lawsuit against the Department by former employees who had been exposed to radiation and had developed unpleasant superpowers. In the course of handling thousands of mildly irradiated documents from the plaintiffs, Sokolove himself developed the powers of teleportation and precognition.

Leaving the DoE, Sokolove entered private practice, where he uses his powers to get to the scene of accidents before the ambulance does. He also teleports into the secret lairs of villains to uncover their secret identities and expose them to civil liability.

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