Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't turn this courtroom into a circus

It's too bad CourtTV isn't around any more, because I'd like to see a case featuring Philadelphia's Steven Leventhal, who is both a lawyer and a magician illusionist. His act is well-enough known that at least one opposing counsel has moved the court for an order to prevent him from doing any magic tricks in front of the jury. Mr. Leventhal's reply can be found here, and is an example of the collegiality frequently found in big-city practice:

Taking away the undersigned's unique style of litigating in a sophomoric attempt at leveling the litigation playing field would be as ridiculous as the undersigned filing a motion in Limine requesting that plaintiff's counsel be ordered to refrain from wearing pants at time of trial.

Can't get enough of lawyers and their magic acts? Try this one.

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