Friday, March 20, 2009

For maximum effect, imagine this post presented by a bland enthusiastic white Floridian

How many times has this happened to you? You're packing for a trip, and you've got everything ready to go, you've found room in your bags for all your clothes and all the kids' toys and your magazines, and then you realize:

"I JUST don't have ROOM for my TOOTHBRUSH!!! AAAAAUGH!" [staged chuckle of empathy]

Well, now you can replace that bulky nightmare of a toothbrush you've been using with a slim, svelte, fashionable TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH!

Yes, the fabulous Travel Toothbrush, developed by the scientists at the Toothbrush Institute, has a revolutionary design that allows it to shrink from four inches long when in use to a mere two inches when in storage! WOW! That's two inches of room you can use for all your other travel essentials! And here's the best part - it doesn't cost any more than a regular toothbrush! Can you believe it? A miracle of science!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the point is to not get lint (or shampoo) on your toothbrush.

Humorlessly yours,