Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Except it was in the rain

This right here is a pretty good depiction of how I suspect I looked while walking home today after learning that I finally got a job.

Now I can start thinking about things I need to spend money on, like furniture and CLE credits and new wheels for my skates and a new computer and USARS and a real mattress and a new vacuum...


Anonymous said...

Rockin dude!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Where are you going to work and what will you be doing?

As for your first lawyer paycheck, once you see what Uncle Sam takes out every time, makes you kind of sick.

David M. Moore, Esq.

Salieri said...

I'm taking a paid job at Legal Aid in Nampa, providing services for domestic violence victims. 98% protection orders, divorces & custody hearings, lots of courtroom experience. Pay isn't super-huge, but it's enough to cover the bills and start building a nest egg.

And helping battered women is totally a great way to get chicks.

(in case my employer ever sees this, THAT'S A JOKE)