Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bill Sali's not so bad

A while back on the old blog I looked at the Liberty Dollar, the money for folks who just aren't sure that their good old Federal Reserve Notes adequately fulfill their monetary needs. (And you can now buy a "$20" coin for only $25 plus shipping and handling!)

Turns out that an Idaho state representative, Phil Hart, has been peddling them, along with a book about why the 16th Amendment doesn't mean what it says it means.

Perhaps serving in the legislature has mellowed him. Committee minutes reveal that he's done little except present bills to cut sales tax on food items and give people more time to pay back taxes. (State, not federal.)

If taxes frustrate you, don't be a Phil Hart. Just hire an accountant who will help you avoid paying them the legal way.


Skipperdee said...


I TOTALLY bought a computer fan from a store that accepts Liberty Dollars this evening!!! They also had copies of America: From Freedom to Fascism for sale. Plus they parted out the fan from a powersink they had lying around and sold it to me for like $5.

Best store EVAR. Totally made my night.

Salieri said...

But was it a coincidence that they had that powersink lying around?

...Or was it part of a greater scheme?