Thursday, April 12, 2007

Malfunction! Malfunction!

When I shift my car into reverse, the radio turns off.

It turns on again when I shift out of reverse.

This is such a bizarre phenomenon that I can only presume that I have accidentally activated a "feature" that Ford put in my car for some reason or another. ("Hey! You're backing up! Stop singing along to the radio and pay attention to what's behind you!")

I don't intend to take it to a mechanic. My problem would be greeted with looks of bewilderment (and probably cost a couple hundred buck to fix).

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Zach said...

My vote is it is a "feature" because it actually turns back on. I'm not sure from your post if you are looking to fix this, but if you have a center console (I'm assuming that's where the shift is located or is it the steering wheel?) that's easy to get in to you could probably hack it in some way. I tore apart my center console and saw how the "HOLY SHIT EMERGENCY BRAKE" light comes on when I am in anything but P. It was basically just an electronic eye that would be blocked if the brake was down. You might just have an eye that needs a piece of tape over it.

And this is a new development? Interesting.