Friday, November 30, 2007

I feel like Bret Hart

Remember when I said that we lost at Moot Court?


We got a letter yesterday that informed us that our hosts at Seattle U made a little mistake when adding together scores. Instead of being the tenth-best team and thus not qualifying for the knockout rounds, we were actually the fourth-best team and should have advanced.

Oh, and one of the teams that's going to New York as a winner? They were the actual tenth-place finisher and shouldn't have qualified.

SU feels very bad about the mistake. The beneficiaries of the mistake aren't willing to give up their accidental bounty, and New York won't let another team enter the national competition.

Seattle says they're willing to send our team to a different moot court tournament in the spring. Never mind that most of those tournaments require you to register in mid-November, and never mind that many of them expressly forbid you from competing if you competed in a fall moot court tournament. Oh, and we'd have to do a hell of a lot more work.

Maybe we can find a tournament that takes place somewhere nice, fly there first-class, and stay in the top hotels. I here there's one in Vienna.


Anonymous said...

Man that is ridiculous. I would go apeshit. How can that other team go? One time in high school our math team got told we were going to the state tournament, and then they said oops and took it away. I believe the parallels are obvious.

Also, how is a person supposed to study as a 2L? Last year I was fueled by sheer terror. Now I'm just like 'Oh hey whatever dudes it will be okay' and I'm having trouble even forcing myself to outline.


Salieri said...

I will be sure to cite to the decision of the Minnesota math tournament as precedent.

The secret to studying as a 2L is not to have a job lined up after graduation. I guess it's too late for you.