Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Missouri loves company

So you're a parent and your daughter gets in a fight with her best friend. Most parents would do their awkward best to console their kid. But you're in suburban St. Louis, and nothing is good enough for your kid. What are you to do?

Why, you create a fake Myspace profile for a cute boy. You have the cute boy send your daughter's ex-friend some messages flirting with her. You win her trust. Then you turn around and start posting bulletins about what a fat ugly bitch she is.

So how were you supposed to know she would overreact and kill herself?

And then parents smash up your foosball table and get the crummy local rag to write some crummy article about the whole sordid affair.

Oh, and there's this gem.

The Meiers do not plan to file a civil lawsuit. Here's what they want: They want the law changed, state or federal, so that what happened to Megan - at the hands of an adult - is a crime.

If making fun of people on the Internet becomes a crime, then I'll see you in San Quentin.

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