Friday, February 22, 2008

In a world... where rolling doubles gets you out of jail

Hasbro and Universal Studios have signed a development deal to make movie versions of board games. Now, "Clue" wasn't bad, but I'm not so sure its success can be replicated.

Mouse Trap. A desperate homeowner (David Arquette) resorts to a crazy scientist's (Robin Williams) gadgets to catch a mouse. *1/2 96 min. (PG)

Hi Ho Cherry-O! A family of migrant laborers (Edward James Olmos, Penelope Cruz) struggle to make a living on a cherry farm in California. *** 112 min. (R)

Guess Who? Hardened cops (Forest Whitaker, Steven Schirripa) solve crimes by assembling police line-ups. **1/2 108 min. (R)

Pit. Brokers at the Chicago Board of Trade (Christopher McDonald, Mark Wahlberg) lead fast-paced lifestyle. ** 104 min. (R)

Balderdash. A harried English professor (Christopher Lloyd) travels around the world in search of obscure words. ** 89 min. (PG)

Crossfire. Estranged brothers (Dylan Sprouse, Cody Sprouse) duel in a high-tech floating arena. **1/2 93 min. (PG-13)

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