Sunday, April 6, 2008

Film Liveblogging

I'm watching "Carrie" on A&E, and I will write about things I see. May contain spoilers, duh.

• Why does Carrie have a southern accent? The only other person in the film with a consistent accent is Carrie's ass-kicking gym teacher (Momma's accent comes and goes). Although if I had a gym teacher like her I'd probably try to emulate her too.
• Gaaaah. I bet when people on acid have religious experiences, that's the statue they see.
• Hey, it's a cameo by Mario!
• This psoriasis commercial is honking me off. "If you don't have psoriasis, you don't know what it's like to be embarassed in public." Oh, really?
• A movie like this needs some comic relief, and in this case it comes from the hilarious electronic music. Awesome Gym Teacher is really making these girls… well, I was going to say "sweat," but none of them are sweating.
• Good thing the card catalog here has a category for "plot device."
• And, at a half hour in, we have our first Travolta sighting.
• A car horn that plays a tune - the universal movie sign of a high school jackass.
• Travolta invents a catchphrase that would make a comedian's career (and kills a pig with a goddamn sledgehammer!)
• "Prom?" *lightning strike* (Also, since the lightning and thunder occur at exactly the same time, the lightning must be right in their back yard.)
• Okay, the film just shifted into another time dimension for about two lines of dialogue and I don't know if that's the TV cut or what.
• Hee hee. "Dirty pillows."
• The Alzheimer's Association just informed me that people can get the disease in their thirties. Goddamn, there's another thing for me to worry about.
• "Love Under The Stars" is a lousy prom theme. I prefer "Enchantment Under The Sea."
• Go ahead and dance, Carrie. You can't possibly look stupider than anyone else here.
• You can stop spinning the camera any time now. Any… time… now.
• I can't tell if William Katt is supposed to like Carrie by now or if he's just being the smoothest operator this side of Billy Dee Williams. But since Carrie can't tell this either, that's a good thing. (IMDB says Roger Ebert couldn't tell, either.)
• Queen Bitch shoulda pulled tha rope about a minute earlier.
SPINNING FACES AND VOICEOVERS! Was that ever not a cliche?
• Must… resist… temptation… to… quote… UHF…
• There's one for the Mythbusters. Water sprayed on a microphone + people in polyester = all-consuming fire?
• So what telekenetic power allows her to blow up cars?
• These lit candles everywhere just might be foreshadowing a fire.
• "Uh, Momma, did you just say 'for the last time, we'll pray?' That's not very encouraging."
• Well, whaddya know. That creepy statue had a purpose after all.
• Yes, Mr. DePalma. I noticed the symbolism with the statue. I was paying attention at the beginning of the film. You don't need to remind me.
• I was about to call out continuity for the sudden switch from day to night in the last scene, but it was all a dream, so it's OK.

I give it two and a half stars. Maybe it was shocking when it came out, but it's all cliche now.

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