Monday, April 21, 2008

You, too, can be a wordsmith

I've decided that there are a few concepts that exist in my life that need terms to describe them, but I can't really think of good words for them. I'd like to solicit your assistance.

What would be a good word for…

…the type of commercial which features two people: one of them is an idiot, and the other is highly intelligent and describes all the advantages of the product to the idiot?
…the art of editing interviews and reality TV programs to create whatever impressions you want to create?
…that little jog you do when crossing the street in front of a car that's clearly entitled to go forward, just fast enough to send the driver the message that you're being considerate, but not fast enough to make any difference in the time it takes you to cross?
…kids who come from relatively poor families but who own all the latest toys and fashions?
…someone whom you know is famous, but you don't know what he or she is famous for? (Current example for me: Heidi Montag.)
…the decision you make that you know is wrong and will have no beneficial consequences, but you make it anyway?

Also I agree with Jayne's statement about Madonna and would like to add that Madonna is gradually turning into Sarah Jessica Parker.

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