Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rolling three consecutive doubles is a misdemeanor

I just played a game of Monopoly against the CPU. Here are some things I would've said during the game if I'd been playing against you instead.

• I bought Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues pretty early on, making me the "slum lord." But looking at Google Maps, it doesn't look like those two streets are actually any less ritzy than anywhere else in town:

(It also looks like Illinois Avenue has been renamed after you-know-who. Couldn't they name a street after Thurgood Marshall or Medgar Evans or George Washington Carver, just for a change?)

• People in the 1930s must have really liked math. There's no way most of today's players could keep track of mortgage amounts and 115% of the value of hotels.

• I can't remember when I made the change in pronouncing the name of the railroad from "reeding" to "redding." Probably after I started following English soccer.

• This game has a seriously inflationary economy. I wonder if, through the correct form of play, you could actually run the bank out of money, causing an economic crash - that's probably why there aren't enough houses and hotels to go around.

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