Friday, August 8, 2008

My only Olympic-related post

I think that if women can lust openly over swim teams, then it's only fair if I hold a competition for the best-looking player in the Olympic soccer tournament. (This should be a great post for those of you who like your women sporty.)

Here are some of my nominees.

Johanna Almgren, Sweden

Johanna's profile says she also enjoys handball. Punch line omitted for decency.

Rhian Wilkinson, Canada

She gains half a point in my book for having a fairly detailed blog, but loses it again for using Papyrus.

Merissa Smith, New Zealand

Really, you shouldn't take any soccer tournament too seriously if New Zealand gets to participate.

Heather Mitts, USA

It's tough to pick a standout for the US team because Lindsay Tarpley and Amy Rodriguez also fill me with patriotic fervor.

Andreia, Brazil

Had to get a goalkeeper in here to represent.

I'd tell you about Northern Ireland's cutie captain Aine McGovern if her side had qualified for the Olympics.

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