Monday, October 22, 2007

Attention dentists: pay your taxes

You've probably heard that New Hampshire dentist Elaine Brown and her husband Ed, who holed themselves up in their house rather than pay their delinquent taxes, were finally brought to justice a couple of weeks ago. Their web site remains, in which they claim to be political prisoners ("First they came for the tax-evading yahoos, and I said nothing, for I was not a tax-evading yahoo...") and demand to be shown the law which renders them liable for federal taxes (26 USC secs. 1 and 63).

A Louisiana dentist, Dr. Louis Genard, was also recently convicted of tax evasion. His excuse: he's not an American citizen, he's an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. (I wonder if he can be deported?)

Of course, I shouldn't be casting stones from inside the glass house of law school, as an Indiana law student is facing charges for machine-gunning his Real Estate Finance textbook.

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