Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hooters fears controversy

I was watching "House" last night, as I am accustomed to do, and I saw a commercial touting Hooters as the ideal restaurant at which to watch football. The commercial began with three men watching football at someone's house - a white guy on the left, a black guy in the middle, and another white guy on the right.

Suddenly, three female Hooters employees arrived to make their sales pitch. A white woman on the left, a black woman in the middle, and a white woman on the right.

Anyone who pays even the slightest bit of attention to television commercials knows that even a hint of interracial romance is verboten on Madison Avenue, but this struck me as going way too far. Did the ad executives think that if the women stood in a different order, it would imply that they were romantically and/or sexually attracted to men of a different race?

More importantly, are ad agencies so out-of-touch that they think Birmingham would go up in riots if they took a second out of their commercials to show the world that yes, interracial couples exist in real life, and it's no big deal? And suppose someone is offended by "miscegenating race-traitors" in their commercials. Is that the kind of person they're really trying to attract to their product? Will Hooters patrons show up with dogs and fire hoses to keep the colored waitresses away?

On a less idiotic note, I'm cheering for Dr. House to hire Dr. Mean Bitch, Dr. Kumar, and Dr. Superjew, and Dr. Mean Bitch - Anne Dudek - will be forgiven for her role in "White Chicks" as I appoint her my new TV Girlfriend.

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Fisherpriceman said...

It will be Kumar, for sure, hottie from Black Donnelys (Olivia Wilde) (I liked Black Donnelys), and mean bitch. They need to shift to 2 girls, one guy after the previous interns. Also, mean bitch (a 6 or 7 - ugly in TV terms) will spar nicely with Wilde (a 10). I don't think weinerish Jewy doctor adds anything that Old Guy Imposter can't add.