Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's almost like they didn't pay attention in sex ed

Let's count the number of different spellings of "pregnant" at India Parenting!

"my girlfriend and i just had sex for the first time today she i worse a condom extra safe but she is scared and so am i if she gets pregnant wot are the chances of that happning"
"Me and my ex had unprotected sex a lot and I'm a A student and sports star and I'm 14 and I have had my period but wondering can I come on and still be pergnat?"
"i had sex with my boyfriend and he used a condom but he took it off and we stared to kiss and i felt some of his nut leacking down my vigina area can i be preganet?"
"i had swolled some cum and i was woundering if i could be pergnat cuz i havent had my period for like 2 months and i dont know what to do?and can u get pergant off ur own nut" (Note: I have no idea what that second question means.)
"I had a sex with my girl friend when she is in a period, but i m wondering that does she can become pragnent?"
"I have taken pregnancy tests and all of them have come back negative, am I pregnate?"
"i was wondering if me and my boyfriend had sex 3 days before my period can i get pregrant?"
"me and my boy friend had sex today and was on my period my boyfriend said i wont get pregetnet because the egg is dead is that true im i pregetnet or not"
"my husband i i are tryin to have a baby so 2 weeks after my period we started having unprotected sex a week later my brest are swollen i i fell sick in the morining i red that you can have symp as early as a week after could i be pregnanty"

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