Monday, January 28, 2008

Decisions, decisions

It's getting to the time where I have to decide the state in which I'm going to take the bar exam (and to which I will be chained for several years at least). I've narrowed things down to Idaho or Washington, and I think I know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to write it out here for my own benefit. Also, I'm looking to you, my audience, to holler at me if I'm making a decision which is obviously wrong, a la a contestant on "The Price is Right."

+ Two metropolitan areas in which I'm hireable - Boise and CdA (jobs in the Southeast have been sewn up already by the Elect)
+ Smaller state means less competition
- But also fewer jobs
+ Recommendations from professors carry greater weight here
- Day 2 of the bar exam is my birthday
- No place to stay while studying for the bar
+ Cost of living is lower
+ Greater chance of working with (or against) friends from law school
+ A guy I know from high school lives in Mountain Home

Total Score: +3

+ Seattle metro area alone is bigger than Boise and CdA put together
+ And then there's the Portland suburbs
+ And Spokane…
- a.k.a. "Spokompton"
+ Bigger cities known for quirky lifestyle means greater potential for meeting girls
- Competition from UW, Seattle U, and Gonzaga grads
- Not a lot of UI alum around to pay attention to me…
+ …except in Spokane…
- …which has a higher murder rate than Seattle
+ Might be able to sponge off Seattle-based cousin until I get a job…
- …but he's got a newborn
- Won't know anyone else in the state…
+ …except in Spokane…
- …but I won't recognize them after they're horribly disfigured by meth lab explosions
- Higher cost of living
+ But bar exam is forty bucks cheaper
- My adequate MPRE score won't help me: Washington has its own professional responsibility exam

Final Score: -1

Looks like I'll get to work on an Idaho application, unless my Johnny Resumeseed act pays off with a job elsewhere within the next month.

Remember: "The Price is Right." Yell at me if I'm wrong. I bid $27,500 on my showcase.

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