Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I agree, the "open letter" is a tired gag

To the people at Steak'Ums and your associated ad agency:

Let me recite the words to the jingle you use in your advertisements.

You can stick 'em in the north, you can stick 'em in the south
But the best part of all is when you stick 'em in your mouth

I understand that you intended this jingle to inspire me to eat Steak'Ums. And I suppose that your jingle could be interpreted that way.

But, stripped of its context, don't you think your jingle is a little... odd? Did no one among you hear the jingle for the first time and snicker? Did no one among you run the proposed jingle past your children? Was there no one who said, "Guys, guys, wait a minute. This ad sounds like we're selling dicks?"

Perhaps I should applaud you for contributing to civilized discourse by avoiding such profane interpretations of your advertisements. But seriously, guys, get your minds in the gutter for once.

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