Saturday, January 5, 2008

An unceasing parade of frustrations

Imagine, if you will, that you're holding a conversation with an eminent 19th century person, and the eminent 19th century person is asking you questions about the future.

So, how does man travel in the year twenty-aught-eight?
Well, first, you've got to stop using "man" generically like that or people will think you're sexist. But regarding your question, most local transit occurs via horseless carriages.
Fascinating. And what of long-distance travel?
We have mastered the secret of heavier-than-air flight. Shining metal aircraft criss-cross our skies, carrying people to and fro at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. Tickets are priced so that even the lower classes can afford to travel from coast to coast in a matter of hours.
Capital! It must be a delightful experience!
Actually, we're so technologically advanced in the 21st century that we have managed to take all the excitement and wonder that accompanies flight and suck it right down the tubes. Flying is totally miserable and everybody hates it.

No points for guessing where I've been stuck for the last eight hours.

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