Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My-Bis face prosecution

Return with me to the halcyon days of November and the Megan Meier affair. In summary, Meier and Tina Drew feud, Tina's mom Lori pretends to be a cute guy on Myspace and leads Megan on, only to taunt her viciously, Megan kills self, Meier family goes nut.

A Los Angeles grand jury is now looking into the Drews. What for? Why, defrauding Myspace, of course. And why Los Angeles, when the Drews and the Meiers live in Missouri? Why, because Myspace is headquartered in California, of course.

In summary, the prosecution is proceeding on the theory that lying on your Myspace is a form of criminal fraud. Will our jails soon be filled with people who describe themselves as "average" when they're really "More to love!"? Stay tuned.

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