Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Roundup of Thoughts

-I won't be participating in the Iowa Caucus. I'm technically an Iowa resident at the moment, but I won't be when the election rolls around, so it wouldn't feel right.
-From a radio ad: "The caucuses are only days away, and now, new attacks on Barack Obama's health plan." I think you're missing a verb in the last clause of that sentence.
-Ron Paul says he's a superpatriot, but he uses an announcer in one of his radio ads who has a Canadian accent. I haven't heard much else from Republicans: Dubuque is so strongly Democratic that they don't even bother.
-Joe Biden, you seem proud of having talked to Musharraf before Bush did. If you become President, how would you feel about senators running behind your back to conduct diplomacy? (At least Biden makes me feel better about my law school grades - he was last in his class.)
-I'm ready to leave. As much fun as it is to play Nintendo DuckTales, you can only play it so many times in a row.
-You think Judge Maria Lopez enjoys the occasional cigarette?
-I think every social networking site on the web should have a filter that removes the words "I'm quiet at first but open up once you get to know me."
-Last of the Dubuque photos, and a few of Iowa City, here.
-Vault really does taste just like Surge.

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Fisherpriceman said...

It should be an internets offense to write SURGE! using lower-case letters like you did above.

Shout it with me and crank up some 7 Mary 3. What time is Party of Five on?