Monday, February 18, 2008

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense

Ten Well-Known TV Actors Who Have Never Appeared On "Law & Order," and How I Would Cast Them On The Show
1. William Daniels, morality crusader
2. Mayim Bialik, Hudson University TA, noticed that the victim wasn't in class recently
3. Vincent Schiavelli, sex offender out on parole, was not involved in this crime
4. Tony Shalhoub, works in Computer Crimes
5. Laura San Giacomo, suspected of murdering her husband
6. James Avery, judge (as always)
7. Stephen Root, corporate suit who doesn't have time for this investigation
8. Ed Begley, Jr., oily FBI agent
9. Kurtwood Smith, irascible dock worker
10. Dwight Schultz, incompetent security guard


Ose said...

All dead on, except

7. Ed Begley
He's so environmental, can't see him as FBI. Why not as activist who murdered subordinate who wouldn't save whale.

9. Kurtwood Smith
Too old for docks. Couldn't he be a regular? Like the cranky guy who runs the evidence lock-up who doesn't like people messing with his system.

P.S. I would love to see the Bialik/Root episode where their characters end up having been in a tryst that they had to cover up. Boom. That episode's 75% written.

Mark said...

Vincent Schiavelli as a sex offender? That's just low hanging fruit there.