Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Debate Practice

Three propositions for my readers to debate in the comments.

1. RESOLVED, that the best of the Geico "real celebrity" advertisements is the one with Peter Frampton.
2. RESOLVED, that wearing sneakers to the airport is preferable to wearing loafers because the possibility of having to run for your flight outweighs the convenience of being able to slip your shoes off for security.
3. RESOLVED, that any part played by Cary Elwes could have been played equally well by Tim Curry.

1 comment:

Ose said...

#1 Correct

#2 Incorrect
There are many nice semi-dress shoes one can run in. Athletic shoes are only acceptable if one wears khakis with a sport coat and the shoes are near new.

#3 Incorrect
Princess Bride and Robin Hood - OK...but Saw? Crush? When does Curry not do farce?