Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Unpopular bumper stickers

• My Honor Student Beat Up Your Kid's Kids
• not all who wander are goth
• Horn Broken - Use Finger To Direct Me To Nearby Repair Shop
• Free Tibet, But The Rest Of China Can Be Enslaved For All I Care
• Guns Don't Kill People; Well, Not By Themselves, Anyway
• Abortion Is Voluntary Manslaughter
• war is bad for children and other living things, but there are also risks inherent in appeasement, so it's important to consider those risks when contemplating the possibility of military action
• 01.20.09: Slim Whitman's 85th Birthday
• He Who Dies With The Most Toys Needs A Good Estate Plan
• I'd Rather Be Driving With A License
• I'm Irrational Enough To Think That My Bumper Sticker Will Influence Your Way Of Thinking, And I Vote!
• The Goddess Is Alive, And Magick... Oh, You've Got To Be Kidding Me. Magick? Really?
• I'm Kind Of Ambivalent About Our Troops
• My Other Bumper Sticker Is Clever

…and a Google Image search reveals that Tom McMahon beat me to one of my ideas several months ago.

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tommcmahon said...

Great minds think alike!