Saturday, March 22, 2008

Small comfort

While my law school experience is otherwise in freefall and the ground is coming up real fast, I did manage to accomplish a goal tonight which I never knew I had set.

I managed to get our distinguished Dean to quote Olympic hero and former WWE champion Kurt Angle.

Maybe for graduation I can trick him into delivering an Ultimate Warrior promo.


Zach said...

I would like more details on how this was accomplished. And a detailed plan for the Ultimate Warrior attempt.

Salieri said...

The "class recap" video ended with my comments on our Powder Puff football team. I praised them for having the three "I"s. (Intensity, integrity, and intelligence, in case you forgot.)

After seeing the video, the dean also praised our three "I"s.

The Warrior will be tougher. I may have to convince him that all the kids are saying "destrucity" these days.