Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Dead Week

So what, apart from that ill-advised attempt at music, have I done this week?

- Been compared to Frank Miller.
- Saw an actual black man on "The Lawrence Welk Show."
- Spent nearly three whole hours exercising.
- Got Football Manager 2008, in which my Preston North End side is sitting respectably at mid-table. Nobody's figured out how to break the game yet, so I probably won't be able to repeat some of my Championship Manager 01-02 feats (like leading Carlisle from Division 3 to the Premiership and letting Kim Källström score 45 goals a season). I am a fan of the new ability to call out other managers in the press, and would like very much for one of my footy-following readers to get a copy and try an online game in which we carry out a merciless public feud.
- Realized how to fix the previously-noted lack of comic relief on "Galactica" - whenever the drums start to dominate the soundtrack, just start singing "George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be…" (Also I'm betting on a 2001-style bullshit ending.)
- Considered taking up the mandolin.
- Got a Northern Ireland jersey on eBay for twenty bucks.
- Debated possible Halloween costumes - would I be more convincing as John Hodgman or as Garth Marenghi?
- Discovered that the home Tesla coil amp will be going on sale this fall. Considered taking up the electric mandolin.
- Oh, and because it bears repeating.


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