Sunday, March 11, 2007

A critical mass of gossip

Truly, we live in interesting times. So interesting that news of Rosie O'Donnell's therapy and Britney's rehab and Tom Brady's misadventures in birth control can drown out the news that Richard Jeni's killed himself.

Well, actually, it doesn't surprise me much that the suicide news wasn't front-page stuff. Jeni is really only known to huge fans of stand-up comedy. The rest of us ask "Was he one of those guys who was on Dr. Katz once?" (For the record: yes, he was.)

But it is remarkable that Charlotte Church, who brought millions joy when she recorded those classical albums and brought millions more joy when she did this, is reproducing.

Looks like that's not gonna be enough to bring you back into the spotlight, dear. Now if you did something foolhardy to endanger the baby, then we'd all pay attention to you again.

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