Friday, March 9, 2007

Making dreams come true

Last night, I had a dream in which I was going to write a letter to actress Rashida Jones. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an address for her, nor could I think of anything to write about. It was another one of those dreams I tend to have in which I am trying repeatedly to do something relatively simple and failing every time. It's symptomatic of my lack of self-confidence.

But I'm a year and a half away from being a lawyer, and it's about time I gained some self-confidence, if only a shred.

So this afternoon, I tracked down an address for Rashida Jones, and I wrote her a letter. I told her about the dream, and then I wrote a little about myself and about some of my favorite things I own (my 1922 world atlas, my Devo hat). The letter went out with today's mail.

I don't expect her to respond, but I proved to my subconscious mind that I am capable of writing fan letters to television stars. And it made for a good story.

(Well, I thought it was a good story, at least.)


Anonymous said...

where did you find it? is it c/o to the office or her agency?

Salieri said...

It was c/o NBC Universal. It took some real digging.