Friday, March 30, 2007

Three unrelated items that weren't worthy of their own posts

1. I'm taking the job in Anchorage. Now I get to break things down into one freak-out at a time: first comes the "How do I get there" freak-out, then the "Where am I gonna live" freak-out, then the "What am I gonna do with my free time" freak-out, then the "Oh hell I almost forgot to freak out about finals" freak-out, then the "AAAAAAAHHH MOSQUITOS" freak-out. But this schedule is tentative.

2. Important lesson I learned today: Before you take a deposition, make sure the person you're deposing knows something.

3. My letter to Rashida Jones was returned with "Moved, No Forwarding Address" stamped on it. Well, there goes my confidence.

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Anonymous said...

As to number two, you can never ve sure of that. You will have a difficuly time finding the guy. You have to get it on record they know nothing. Costs money, but is essential. Sometimes, you don't think he knows anything, but if you ask the right question, it all comes out and you win the case.