Thursday, March 8, 2007

This groom actually is as skinny as a broom

Looks like Nearly Any Jedi and Toadless Boy are getting married. Good for them. In preparation for their nuptials, I've scoured the web for some ever-so-useful wedding clip art.

Here's a bride who has too much attitude to enjoy her special day.

Is that Zack Morris?

I think this is what it's like to get married while on acid.

"Psst... the DJ hasn't shown up yet, so try to stall."

Jesus visited his stylist and decided to go with a new look.

The rare Ypres Dove makes its nests within the twists of barbed wire.

First Episcopalian launches its giant ninja star to defend against Westminster Presbyterian's missile attack.

A beautiful heart, conveniently dithered for 16 colors, perfect for use in Paint Shop Pro or Kid Pix.

Angel or face card?

Creepy FTD guy, at your service!

In conclusion I think that Mr. and the future Mrs. Sanderson should use all these items in their wedding program. I AM SUPER SERIAL.


Lindsey Lou said...

The first one's my favorite. I hope to have a dress just like that someday.

Anonymous said...

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